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Writing a blog

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There is nothing I like more than writing a blog. I’m my own writer. I can write what I like (within reason). And if I’m not engaged in writing something really substantial, I can spend my time fiddling about on my blog (The Stratfordian) to my hearts content. Or spend some time on this my shopping blog.

I can express my opinion, support causes, inform people, advise people, in fact I can do more or less what I want. I can even make money. And if you fancy yourself as a bit of a writer like I do, you can tell yourself you are honing your skills ready for the day when your natural talent is recognised. For me, writing a blog satisfies my deepest writing needs. As a writer the first thing you must do, is write. And Writing a Blog makes you do just that.

So what do you need?

Not a lot comes the answer.  A Host is a good place to start.


A HOST is just that. Simple. The host, hosts your blog. It is on your Host’s land that your Blog resides. A good Host keeps your blog healthy for all to see. And, in most cases a good host is NOT expensive. See below.

From that Host you will buy your address.

Every Blog or page on the web has an address. Exactly the same as an address in the real world. Except rather than a bricks and mortar house you have ‘land’ on the internet.

For instance, the address for my blog The Stratfordian is

Put that address in your search bar and you will arrive like a letter (but on time). Try it.

A good Host will also provide you with something to write on. In my case, I write on WordPress. Don’t worry about the names etc its all quite simple. Think of WordPress as a writing pad that you write on while your Host publishes it.

Go to a good Host and all will be explained.

The One Host I would recommend to start blogging with is…


Not expensive and with fantastic offers now and again.


Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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