The Best Ways to Earn Money Online

The Best Ways to Earn Money Online, The Best Ways to Earn Money Online,

FACT: The best ways to earn Money Online are not easy. It requires work.

There I’ve gone ahead and said it. Actually, that’s not as outrageous as it might sound because it’s obvious isn’t it? I mean, let’s be sensible here. If you could find the best ways to earn money online easily we’d all be doing it wouldn’t we? So there’s your first clue.

Note that I didn’t say it was impossible. I just said it’s not easy. Making money anywhere, online or the real world takes work, right? It’s impossible to sit down, press a button and the cash comes pouring in. But believe it or not there are some people on line that promise you that for a small fee they will tell you exactly how to do this. It, in case you haven’t worked it out for yourself, is Bullshit. That’s not how it happens.

If you want to find the best ways to earn money online, like anywhere else in the world you have to have a product to sell (either yours or someone else’s). And that product has to be real, valid and above all, something that someone, somewhere actually wants.

It could be (must be) for the possible customer an answer to a problem they have. For example, something that seals a leaky tap OR something that (really does) improve their sex life. Anything. Whatever it is, it has to have WORTH. It has to have validity. And therein lies a problem for anything that you sell Online.

Before online buying and selling the world was a market place. A real place where you only ever bought what you could touch and feel. Where you could sometimes even watch the product in action. Remember those in-store product demonstrators showing you how shiny and clean you get your saucepans by using their product? It was so much easier then.

Nowadays you buy something online and hope for the best. You have to ‘believe’ whatever the publicity for the product tells you. Trust. The price you have to pay for items that are cheaper (no overheads) and more than likely delivered free.

I’m only stating the obvious because these are the difficulties that you will face selling a product online (check this out). Get a bad reputation for selling crap and stuff that doesn’t actually work, then goodbye online business.

What follows are a number of ideas showing the best ways to earn money online. Ideas that you will be expected to pay for. Don’t complain, that’s how the system works. Offers are made, often with claims to back them up and then…it’s up to you. Buying and selling is always a gamble…but like everything in this world…you never know, until you try it.


The Best Way to Earn Money Online

Ideas and offers


Something that I do cover elsewhere is making money through writing. It’s obviously not everybody’s cup of tea, but before you dismiss it entirely have a good think about the everyday talents that you possess.

You may be a good motor mechanic. A good cook. The list is endless. The thing is, I bet you take it for granted and it hasn’t even occurred to you that your skill might be worth passing on…for money.

That’s where E-books come into the mix. It is quite possible to construct an ebook detailing your expertise so that others might enjoy your passion. Not only that, but getting that E Book published…ON KINDLE.

You don’t believe me? I think you need to check this out…NOW…



There’s something else…

You’ve probably heard about THE LIST.
It’s nothing complicated. It just makes sense. If you are going to sell something successfully it makes very good sense to get to know your customers.

Think about it.

If you have a number of enthusiastic buyers you will want to notify them of any new additions to the type of goods that they buy.

It’s about keeping in touch.

About building up a relationship which I’m sure you will agree is important in ordinary life and business life.
One of the Best and well known Company’s that specialise in THE LIST is A Weber. They can show you how it’s done. And with years of expertise behind them how to make your E-Mail list come alive…

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Have you thought about Affiliate Marketing?

This is a route I have chosen for myself.

If you don’t have your own product to sell then sell someone else’s.

It’s a simple process.

  1. You join a company (usually FREE) that represents numerous producers of products.
  2. You pick the products that will suit your website and the subjects you write about.
  3. Get permission to represent the producer of the product…
  4. …and they it turn will supply you with a link that might come in the form of a Banner or plain text, even a video.
  5. You put it on your website…
  6. Inside the banner or video or text will be a code that will link back to you and tell the producer of the product that you are the one who sold the product and Bob’s Your Uncle…
  7. …you get commission,

Here’s a couple of Affiliate Companies that are worth looking at…

The Best Ways to Earn Money Online, The Best Ways to Earn Money Online,

The Best Ways to Earn Money Online, The Best Ways to Earn Money Online,

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