The air that we breath

the air that we breathNo matter what I say, there is no turning away from the fact that we are already feeling the effects of what we are doing to the planet, even down to the air that we breath.

The fact of the matter is, Pollution is at a high, asthma rates have risen and more of us are finding ourselves susceptible to allergies that have surprised us.

This unfortunately is going to keep on happening because of additions to food to make them last longer and the fertilisers we use to hasten and ‘protect’ their growth. The side effects of these additions to Mother Nature are interfering with wildlife and generally changing the natural way of things. The fact is we are slowly poisoning ourselves, whether it’s in the food we eat or the air that we breath and for the sake of making an extra buck big business is party to this controlled decimation. This is a slow form of suicide. And like I always say, we may survive, but I’m not so sure about our children or their children unless, UNLESS we address and take seriously this problem NOW.

In the meantime, we have to survive.

And to do that we must take precautions. So, with that in mind that’s I thought I’d start with something simple but absolutely essential to our and our families wellbeing.


There are on the market a number of companies that make and supply air filters. Although not necessarily cheap their factories turn out machines that will clean the air and remove (sorry to be blunt) the stuff that is killing us.. Essential if, like so many of us you live close to a busy road or highway.

Traffic pollution is a major problem and thankfully most major towns, or cities are aware of this and at the very least are monitoring the situation. It’s a start but let’s face it, it’s no answer to the problem. And until they (the authorities) come up with something to protect us and our kids, we are on our own.

If you are experiencing problems and are worried about the effects polluted air can have on you and your family, it’s time to look around for a solution.

I’ve been doing that very thing, and have found the following company which offers a superb collection of air cleaners.

Alpine Air Purifiers
Latest Technology Alpine Ionic and Ozone Generating Air Purifiers and accessories

With such a vast array of powerful products I’d be surprised if you can’t find find something that will keep you and your family safe.

NOTE: The above recommended site is based in the USA. I’m looking for an equivalent for my UK readers…give me a moment….be back soon.

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