Sustainable living

sustainable living

I’m glad to see that there has been a definite move towards sustainable living, and we are finding more companies moving towards a sustainable lifestyle. The products that many of these companies are selling have been sourced for reliable, ethical companies like FairTrade etc.

One of those companies and a company that I have only recently come across and am very impressed by is Rainbow Life. This is what they say about themselves…

Every product tells a story. Stories matter. People Matter. Buy ethical and sustainable products online from a wide selection of Fair Trade, Organic, Vegan, Zero- Waste, Eco-friendly, Handcrafted items ethically and globally sourced. We put people first and ensure our suppliers pay their artisans fairly. Pioneer changes with us and realize the power of your purchase to make a difference. RainbowLife: For the Planet and all Peoples.

And indeed, if you pop on over to their website you will find that they are true to their word and have an ethos much to be admired.

So if it a good ethical company you are looking for head on over to



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