Some Simple Words

The Ghost’s Lament

Should she awake

what then do I say?

How do I explain

I’ve never been far away?


Should she awake

I muffle her scream?

Then do I step back

As though I have never been


Should she awake

Do I call her name?

Then speak words of love

As though much were still the same


Should she awake

Should I let her go

And accept my end

Knowing that she will still grow


What do I say to make things clear?

That the dead they never die?

They are always here.

Or say,

Just close your eyes, and let it be

Allow a smile and think, of me.





In heaven…


In heaven

You can drink at the fountains

No matter the hue of your skin

In heaven

The doors are always open

The diners will let you in.

In heaven

You can sit at any seat

At the back if it suit your mood

In heaven

Miracles of miracles,

The white man is never rude.

In heaven

You can learn at the same school

‘cause knowledge is free for all

In heaven’s school

The ‘boss man’ learnt a lesson

now he’s no longer is a fool.





We are the perpetrators

Can we come and stay with you?

Once we had a planet

Now we don’t know what to do.


Didn’t listen to the warnings

Lost the roof above our heads

We thought that we knew better

Now no blankets for our beds.


We’ve travelled far to get here

You may be our only hope

We’ve such a lot to offer you

Can’t wait to shove it down your throat.


We can pump your oil

We can mine your coal

We can teach you to fly through the sky

And how to dig a hole.

We can heat your homes

We can light your dark

We can show you how to fly through the sky

And teach you how to park.


We are the perpetrators

And we can show you the way

Show you how to live a better life

You should have seen us in our day.


We are the perpetrators

There ain’t no-one else to blame

In every part of the galaxy

Everyone knows our name.




The storm

We know the storm is coming

We are preparing for the worst.

The river is overflowing, and its banks are gonna burst

We are shipping out the livestock

And moving to higher ground.

You hear that stream train coming?

It’s the wind that makes that sound.

So, we batten down the hatches

If it moves, we tie it down

We board up all the windows

Whatever’s lost we hope is found.

Those we love are the most precious

We keep them closest to our hearts

Without their love, their warmth, their everything

After the storm we would not re-start

So, we are making sure we shelter

From what ever is coming our way

We have survived, and borne the onslaught

And we will live another day



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