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Masters of Madness and Mayhem

masters of madness and mayhemLook it can’t be as bad as all that can it? I’ve just had a short 20 minutes on various Social Media, and I feel like I’ve been wrapped in a huge wet blanket. I’m numb. I’ve been battered, twisted, lied to, had opinions and judgements thrown back at me that I don’t recognise. I’m exhausted. It’s like the Dumbo’s have taken over the world and become the masters of madness and mayhem.

Everybody is shouting and screaming at everybody else. Insults fly and we are living in a world where everyone has forgotten their manners. Maniacs and lunatics every last one of them.

But hey, come on. There must still be some ‘normal’ people, around? Right?

What we are seeing here is a relatively new phenomenon. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, etc. All of these Masters of Madness and mayhem, giving the impression that you/me have some sort of control. That you are counted. That your voice, your views, your opinion are vital and are listen to. That you matter. Don’t be fooled. If you don’t know it by now, you have been asleep at the wheel. You are a commodity. And you/we are being made use of.

At the very most what we have here are venting machines.

Don’t get fooled. Don’t get into the mindset that these places are just little corners of technology that allow you to have a rant and a shout. Places that doesn’t really exist that allow you to let of steam. No harm done.

Now, whether or not venting, letting rip, call it what you will, is a useful exercise, I haven’t quite decided yet. To be allowed the freedom to vent seems like  a healthy thing to do but I wonder? I think it’s ok to let things go, you know to get stuff off your chest but what if, that’s not the end of it? The trouble with these places (FB, Instagram et al) is that more often than not there is always someone who wants to take you up on it. Some mischief maker who wants to ‘wind you up’ to the point of distraction. Someone who will just not let go.

As we all know, stress can be a killer but hoping to relieve it on a Social Media account is maybe not such a good idea. Finding relief on one of these technological mad houses is impossible. A better idea would be to buy a punch bag and have a good shout and get a physical workout too, Two for the price of one.

What we are really getting from these online monsters are the two modern killers of the present age, stress and addiction.

We’re addicted because we think they (FB, Twitter etc) are useful and care about us. That they are listening and somehow taking our views into consideration. They are not. And we don’t have a voice. We don’t have a come-back, a defence. We are just one voice amongst a boiling angry mass. The point is…no-one is really listening. We are in fact, prey. Food for the sad and lonely. A meal for the sadistic. A plaything for the tormentor.

We need to come off these platforms because they are unhealthy.

And unless we can learn to control them rather than the other way round, we will find not only has our information become a commodity but our sanity too.

And as time goes on and new techniques are developed and ‘sold’ to us by these masters of madness and mayhem, we will find we have become, in the blink of an eye, and with our ‘permission’, slaves.

Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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