Save the Planet by Going Green

You don’t need me to preach.

But this is serious.

It’s important and if we want our Children to grow up healthy and without stress, we need to…


This is no joke.

This is very, very real and extremely URGENT.

By now we should all be aware that the Planet, My World, OUR world needs saving. No matter what you believe has happened in the past few years, you would have to be a fairly isolated kind of person to not know something is wrong. Most would agree that weather patterns are changing, the planet is heating up, the ice caps are melting and if we don’t take some serious notice, we are in some deep do-do. unless we make a BIG change in our lifestyles and think seriously about GOING GREEN.

So, with this in mind I’ve been looking at various methods that might (that’s MIGHT) change things and reverse the process.

My first attempt to talk some sense into us is to concentrate on alternative energy, the benefits that this relatively new science can bring. I want to look at SOLAR PANELS.


First of all I ought to say that I had no idea that Solar Panels are actually very inefficient. That they can lose up to 85% (and more) of their energy .

Like many, I thought we were well on the way to solving the energy problem…well the truth is we are…but there are er…’obstacles’ in the way.

I’ll let Andy explain.

Be prepared to be amazed and with Andy’s help plug the gaps and make some real energy…

Solar Panel Energy explained



While I’ve been researching products to Green The World I have been truly surprised by what I have found and perhaps more than that, learning about some of the dangers we face. For instance…

Water Shortage and how to deal with it.

(prepare to be amazed, again)


save the planet by going green,water shortage, Save the Planet by Going Green,

For instance,  water shortage never occurred to me. My thinking has always been that the ice caps are melting, if anything that means MORE WATER rather than less. Not so…

I think everybody should read this…


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