racism,  In my opinion


my world our worldI was reading the other day that ‘they’ now think that racism is the product of an under-developed mind. And I have to say, I concur.

When you think about racism, it becomes stunningly obvious, we are not born racists. It is most definitely learnt behaviour. It comes as we grow, from the opinions of our peers, our parents. It’s a very strange condition/behaviour that’s based on falsehoods and ‘information’ that we couldn’t possibly be privy to.

Racism. Think about it.

The purpose of racism is to label a whole race of people (actually not a race but anyone, who is ‘different’ – in our example, anyone with a darker skin tone) as somehow inferior, is crazy behaviour. Let’s be generous here to our racist friends.  One might know one person of a darker hue who, for the sake of argument is er…inferior but to label the whole ‘race’ that this person is related to as the same, is ridiculous and actually impossible. Such a label cannot be proved as accurate for the simple reason, the entire population of the race specified is not, and can never be, known to you (the racist).

Racism is the product of an under-developed mind.

Those without ingredient X, i.e. Common Sense, somehow exist in a void. A place where the ability to judge one’s own behaviour when the facts are apparent, is absent. Which leaves the possibility that they (the racist) lack in other areas too.

The connection between the colour of a person’s skin and their worthiness to exist is a weird connection to make in the first place. It must as I say above, rely on falsehoods or information that is believed by the accuser. ‘Information’ that is by its very nature is impossible to verify. For example, the statement that race X are all cowards is obviously untrue because for a start it is impossible to prove. And the fact is, if any real and honest attempt were made to prove it, the law of averages would show otherwise.

Racism is the product of an under-developed mind and is best compared to a disease. It exists yet has no basis in life, which is why I compare it to an illness. It has a ‘life’ only because it feeds on the imagination. It is, like magic, an illusion. Magic only ‘exists’ because people choose to believe in it. Like voodoo it is the equivalent of Adult nightmares.  Whereas a child can react to its nightmares as ‘real’ and actually show the symptoms of belief, ie. total fear. The same mind-set ‘exists’ for racism.

There is no purpose for its existence (racism)  other than to destroy, disfigure or, and this I find interesting, to gain power (like magic) . To describe racism is to describe pure evil.

However, although racism is a destructive concept it is not itself, indestructible. It is an ‘idea’ that Education (facts) and knowledge can evaporate. Education and knowledge are the vaccine for this particular disease.

The cure.

Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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