My World, Our World. Why?

my world our world

My world/Our world was created because I needed an outlet. Somewhere to let rip and express my views and with a bit of luck get others to engage.

At the time of writing I’m fed up to the back teeth with Social Media. There’s nothing social about it and its just become inevitably a bear pit, where idiots without a brain cell between them drop in and sound off. Facebook is a great idea but by making it free, all it has done is to allow the brainless a voice.

Anyway, I just want use my platform, my world our world to comment on what’s going on around the globe. I want to engage and hear other points of view that are not driven by a monumental lack of intelligence or brainpower. Anything that helps me understand from anybody who has an opinion that doesn’t require them to resort to childish insults. People who think and can articulate their thoughts. I hope it’s not too much to ask.

I’m no genius, just a simple man who is worried about the direction we seem to be going in.

Like you I live on this planet. I’ve seen the pictures from space and quite frankly I’m stunned. And humbled. It’s fantastic. OK, so I’m a bit of a snowflake and a softy (I hope I’ve used the right definition of the term) but basically, I’d like my kids and their kids, and their kids etc. to keep on living here (Mars doesn’t look that inviting to be honest).

With that in mind, I’d like a say. I’d like to be able to give an opinion. You may not like it but that’s OK because that’s what living here is about too…. discussion. And that’s why I’ve built this webpage, blog called MY WORLD OUR WORLD, to engage with my fellows. If you disagree or have something useful to say join in please. Use the comment boxes. Tell me where I’M GOING WRONG. Point me in the right direction. I can take it.

Anyway, I suppose above all I want you to enjoy and use the space, so please feel free.

A concerned citizen.

my world our world

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