My World Our World

My World Our World

is my own personal attempt at getting readers to recognise the dire state we are in concerning Our Planet Earth.

my world our worldI am promoting products and ideas and advice on Green products that I hope will go some way to reversing the damaging effects we (yes WE) have been responsible for on this beautiful world that we live in. In this way I hope am doing my little bit to leave a world that our children can thrive on and learn from our mistakes (which are many). And to them I say,

‘Sorry. Some of us have tried and are trying our best to clean up the mess we have left you’.

The trouble is with messages like this is people get tired of them and develop a sort of word blindness. Words like ‘do something’, ‘disaster looms’ etc start to lose their power quickly. It goes without saying that we humans are a hardy breed and history proves that we have survived no matter what has been thrown at us. When the odds are against us and where many species have failed to ride the wave and have simple disappeared we are still here. We tend to think that no matter what, and to quote Gloria Gaynor, ‘I (we) will survive’ but the truth is we are not invulnerable. We are not indestructible.

The thing is, we probably will survive.  But that is not the point. If we allow this beautiful world to go to rack and ruin because of the way we live, what will our survival, our actual lifestyle, our quality of life be like?

The way it’s looking it will be a life ruined by pollution and in turn ill-health. 

In short, the pathway we are treading at present can only lead one way…no if’s or but’s. It’s happening now, before our very eyes and well, if you can’t see that then I have to admit that I really don’t know what to say to change your mind. The message is simple. WE MUST CHANGE. Our present lifestyle is not sustainable. And for my world our world to be left in a fit state for our children, we must begin to make these all-important changes…NOW.

That’s it. Message delivered as best as I could. Over to you.


It should be noted that if you buy some of the products I recommend in my pages and posts, I will receive a small commission that will go towards the expense of running this site.


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