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Life After Death?

my world our worldWondering what happens to us after we die has always been an interesting and amusing subject for discussion for me. Life after death is interesting, for obvious reasons. Amusing because there is no way of knowing whose theory is/was correct. No-one has ever, at least to my knowledge ever come back with the answer to life after death but there are some brilliant theories out there, none, and this is the point, of which can be proved wrong.


The one that has always given me the biggest laugh has always been reincarnation.

Everyone I know who has delivered their serious reincarnation theory have always assumed that they will come back as another human being, male or female, but hardly ever as an animal. The thought of returning as worm for instance, is always regarded for many as abhorrent. Even though there is no evidence to suggest it to be so. Of course the terror is purely based on looks and living environment which is of course, wormist. In the animal world the worm may be regarded as the most beautiful of creature. To repeat myself, there is certainly no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Perish the thought but It would appear, according the folk I know, that even in death, the human sits at the top of the food chain.

When engaged in this kind of argument I always take pleasure by pointing out that as everything is constructed of atoms, isn’t there an outside chance that we could return as an inanimate object? A mahogany coffee table maybe? A magnificent Victorian chest of drawers? Why not?

Is it not possible I ask, considering what we don’t know about consciousness, that we might awake from our death to find we inhabit the very being of an expensive item of antique furniture? Admittedly, more often than not, my intervention brings the discussion to an end, leaving the nail biting question,  what do we really know about how a table lamp feels?

Another one of my favourite theories is ‘The world in a jar, on Giant Scientists Laboratory Desk’.

The thought that we exist in a glass jar in a lab somewhere that is destined to outlive its experimental usefulness and be flushed down drainpipe any day soon has in my mind, validity. After all, isn’t that what happens in our own world day after day.

Microbes, experiments, whose thinking processes, if they exist are beyond us and indeed never thought of by us as existing in the first place, will be soon have outlived their usefulness. Soon they will be flushed from the petri dish that they have been living in for a few weeks, days, even hours into the human sewer system? Think on it. When their end comes will they be terrified? If we took the time to listen carefully would we hear them scream?

One of my favourite theories has to be the Matrix theory,

That we might actually exist as some kind of fodder for advanced beings. That in their kindness and desire for more humane farming methods, they allow us an illusionary ‘life’ before culling. The only trouble I find with this theory is the ‘life’ they allow us. More often than not, it is frankly boring, not a lot happens and sometimes we even appear to die, painfully. If they are aware of the failures in their system, one can only hope that on their side of things, work is ongoing to improve the illusion and in the long run, deliver a better harvest.

Then of course we have the God theory. (I have to be careful here. So, with all due respect).

Many might consider this the most outlandish of all, a God who only cares about us. A God who like some eternal Butcher or Holy Greengrocer has made everything he created available to us to do with what we will.  In other words, eat.

Oooo, look an animal. I wonder what it tastes like?

And then when our lives are over, we are led to believe that the fun has actually only just begun and why? Because we are off to a better place. I have always assumed better as meaning tastier animals?

Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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