If Music be the Food of Love…play on

If Music be the Food of Love...play on,learn to play piano,vibrations,music a universal language, If Music be the Food of Love…play on, If you are wondering why this is called (Good Vibrations and) If Music be the Food of Love…play on ? There are couple of reasons. A couple of things that I absolutely believe in.

The first one is, Vibrations. Especially Good Vibrations. I believe that we are deeply affected by the vibrations that are all around us. The most important vibrations are to be found I believe in, Music. 

Music is a universal language.

It’s virtually impossible for anyone to say that ‘I hate music’. It’s as though Music is hard-wire into our very being. Of course, everyone has a piece or type of music that does nothing for them but you can just as easily say the opposite…that everyone has a piece of music the means something to them. A piece of music that stirs or sooths them in a certain way.

There’s music that can stir the warrior in a person. Music that can bring you to tears. Even music that can transport you to another time or place. Music is a mysterious force. Powerful enough to curb pain both physical and imaginary, even able to use time to remind you where you were and what you were doing when you first heard a piece.

I actually believe that Music is the nearest thing to magic that we have, whether it’s the beating of a single drum to a full orchestra carrying you along on a wave of vibration.

And of course, it’s not just about man-made instruments.

There’s also bird song, the sounds of the Natural World and of course the incredible power of the Human Voice. All of which can ‘work’ the magic I refer to.

(In my own case, I have always been intrigued by the fact that even though most of the time I have no idea what they are singing about, opera is something I can honestly say, attracts me).

Considering how long (forever) music, rhythm call it what you will, has been with us, I’ve always been surprised how little work and exploration has been done to research into the amazing effects it has on us.

I would go as far to say that musicians have at their fingertips (while we are talking about it…Learn to play piano HERE)) enormous power, that as history has proven can be used for good or evil.

And as outrageous as that statement might sound to some, I would say look how music has been used to lead men into battle, to their deaths even. See how the Nazis used music to ‘drive’ their supporters at their infamous rallies. History is full of examples of the power of music/vibrations.

Taking all that into consideration I would want most definitely offer some sort of support to those who teach this wonderful Art Form…

So here’s something I’ve discovered called MUSIC TEACHER’S HELPERplus a little history…

‘Music Teacher’s Helper was created in 2004 by piano teacher Brandon Pearce to manage his own students. Today, the company serves tens of thousands of customers around the world with a team of over 20 people working around the clock every day, to serve you and help you save time, grow your studio, and have more joy in your teaching’.

So if you are a teacher of music (instruments, voice whatever) do check this out.




As you should know by now I look upon my task on My World, Our World as promoting the more unusual shops/websites etc. And it’s no different in this the Music page.

I think the ad speaks for itself…

If Music be the Food of Love...play on,learn to play piano,vibrations,music a universal language, If Music be the Food of Love…play on,

But just in case…this is a company that works right across the board of the entertainment industry. Broadcasters, TV production advertising agencies, games publishers. And are in the position to get your talents recognised. If that’s where you want to go with your life, you need to look into this. Say no more. Just click the banner for more information…and good luck.



I’d be crazy if I didn’t include a musical store on this page. During my researches I’m sad to say that quite a number of musical instrument sites seem to have gone out of business due to the world wide Covid problems.

Thankfully there are some that are still doing business on-line. This is one of the better ones…


If Music be the Food of Love...play on,learn to play piano,vibrations,music a universal language, If Music be the Food of Love…play on,




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