How to save your Relationship

How to save your Relationship, How to save your Relationship, The only way we get along as this strange Humanoid Species that we are, is by forming Relationships and loving one another. And then, unless we are very lucky, after a few child-rearing years spending a lot of time, money and energy trying to find out how to save your relationship.

We need each other. We love one another. But unlike the movies and the romantic books, it doesn’t come easy.

That well-worn adage ‘No Man/Woman (see what I did there) is an Island’ rings with absolute truth.

To be constantly alone is a disaster. We are in most cases meant to be with someone. But as we all know, easier said than done.



Heartbreak seems to be a natural part of relationships. Breaking up is not uncommon and I guess in a lot of cases, how it’s meant to be.

But then again, there must be ways and means we can avoid what sometimes to be inevitable? Ways that we can go about repairing the cracks that can appear in any relationship.

So, how do we repair and make good…

We are all different and none of us are treading the exact same path. But there’s always, magic. Unexplainable magic whereby two totally different people click.

Don’t ask me How or WHY, I have no idea. All that I know is that it happens, frequently.

In an effort to understand this mystery and to prove that this magic can work for everyone (if you let it)  that’s why I’ve tried to pull together as much advice as possible.

Ranging from what might appear to some as trivial to what others might consider the real deal…like I’m quite fond of saying…

SEEK…and you will find.

For Instance…

There are many of us who suddenly find themselves, for whatever reason, in the sad position of trying to save our marriage.

Sometimes, and let’s be honest here, we discover it’s best to let things go…BUT of course if there is the slightest chance… we will do whatever we can…what follows, might help.



If what this guy promises is true, the man of your desires is, no question…yours.

I don’t think I should say much more because after all I’m a man. However…

Jason Could Be on to Something

more than that, my lips are sealed.


You remember I said some of this stuff might be considered trivial? Well I take that back. My problem is all this stuff happened to me when I was younger and I think I had forgotten how important it was to me then. Even the tiny things. The way she looked at me could be taken for totally the wrong thing. It was all about misinterpretation and stupid mistakes.

Unfortunately, with the advent of Texting (something we didn’t have in my day) the room for stupid misunderstandings has grown. Don’t let it. Tread carefully and click the Banner below…

How to save your Relationship, How to save your Relationship,




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How to save your Relationship, How to save your Relationship,


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How to save your Relationship, How to save your Relationship,

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