When my Grandkids come over for the weekend, I have to get used to losing control of the TV for at least 48 hours. In fact, they actually hide the remote from me so that they have full and total access to what it is that they want to watch.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining (at least not now, I’m used to it) because it has become an interesting situation. If I do take time to take in what they watch it only benefits my education as to how their tiny minds work.

What they watch.

Firstly, everything, that’s everything, is US based. And every programme is fronted, presented by a strange breed of Child/Adult. Kids with beards (and that’s just the females). And high squeaky voices that make you (me) want to strangle them.

They talk at a high rate of knots in a strange language that, for ones so young (or are they) makes reference to sex and other subjects that I thought, in my ignorance, kids just weren’t interested in. (This is seems to pass over my Grandkids heads)

Their subject matter are computer games (Minecraft, Fortnite etc). My Grandkids watch these strange hybrids playing games that they themselves were playing a few moments ago.

Now this is the weird bit…

They are literally watching other people play games. They have no control over the game they are watching the other person play. which I thought was the point of playing games, the thrill, the purpose, THE CONTROL so to speak.  But no. They, (my Grandkids) just watch for hours at a time. Needless to say I don’t get it. Everybody’s happy. My Grandkids and the people who are presenting these strange TV programmes because, as I understand it they (not my Grandkids), are making a fortune in promotion (advertising) fees.

Good for them.




I want to make it clear that there is no way I am complaining about my Grandkids behaviour because, the truth is my generation were worse…

For example,