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Most good and responsible dog and cat owners are aware that their pet, like their humans are only as good and healthy as their diet. In other words, cat, dog, hamster, snake etc, etc have to watch what they eat (or what they are fed). If not, then like the human in their lives, the road is only ever down hill.

Thankfully there are a number of pet food suppliers who are very aware of what it needs to keep a pet healthy. Right at the top of the list, certainly in the UK are…


I suggest you


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Someone just asked me why I have a Pets Page when this is a site to ‘Improve Ourselves’

Easy answer:

Pets make us so much better people.


I actually had decided not to add another supplier to my Dog and Cats owners page but I came across this site which I think is a bit special and not really something you come across very often.


dog and cat owners,dog food,cat food, Dog and Cat owners,

This is a bookshop dedicated to the health of your animals. In this case your Cat Health or Dog Health.

Books for cat owners

‘Our First Aid for Cats The Essential Guide and Cat Care The Essential Guide both offer a wealth of information for cat lovers who want to give the best care possible to their beloved pet’.


Books for dog owners

‘It is estimated that there are more than 8 million dogs in the UK and for centuries they have proudly earned the badge of ‘man’s best friend’. Our Essential Guides have been written for the 10 most popular dog breeds in the UK and serve as a useful resource to help dog owners provide the best care possible for their beloved best friend’.

It seems to me the kind of knowledge available in the Perfect Pets library could go some way to cutting down on Vet’s Bills and giving you the peace of mind and confidence that you know what you are doing as far as your Pet’s health is concerned.

With guides to different breeds and even a ‘Chocolate Toxicity Calculator for Dogs’, Perfect Pets is obviously the right place to learn more about your furry friends.



Difficult one this…but sadly, a fact of life.

I sort of bumped into this one on the internet and had to think twice about including it…so I thought hard about it and decided it’s a fact of life and for some very important.

I’ll get straight to it.

We know what our pets give us don’t we?

I guess there’s just a couple of words that really do justice to our pets commitment to us, and those words are without doubt…


With that in mind and I’m not just talking for myself here I know when I say…

We want to honour them and say thank you when they’re gone.

Above all, we never want to forget….


I think a pet memorial stone is a great idea…

It is always a sad time when a pet passes away. So, why not celebrate their life with a personalised pet  memorial stone?

Personalise any of these pet stones with your own message and motif as shown. Letters and motif will be painted to match in your chosen letter infill colour. Size, colour and shape of stone will vary from images shown as these are natural Scottish pebbles. This range of pet stones are a beautiful way to remember your pet every day; whether you place it in your own garden or a pet cemetery. Each pebble is sure to bring a smile to your face each time you see it and think of them.

(Size, shape and colour of stone will vary. Delivery 5-7 days Memorial stones vary in size and colour…)

dog and cat owners,dog food,cat food, Dog and Cat owners,


dog and cat owners,dog food,cat food, Dog and Cat owners,


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