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Dear Mr Biden

Dear Mr Biden,

Mr Biden,USA,trump,potus, Dear Mr Biden,

I know I’m a limey and am a few thousand miles away from the action but I still believe in the old adage ‘When America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold’. With that in mind I have to write and say with every fibre of my being, that I hope for all our sakes, you win the up and coming election and become the new POTUS.

I don’t think in all of my life, I have seen a Country that I have had a sort of sneaking admiration for such a long time, go downhill so quickly. I just shows what can happen to anyplace, anywhere when in the hands of a madman. If there’s one ‘good thing’ that has come out of Trump’s reign it is the realisation that disaster that was for example, Hitler, is still possible.

For me and many others it is almost impossible to think that that such a crude and unintelligent man can cut a swathe through what was an innovative country and turn light into dark. Violence appears at the fore both in rhetoric and action. Misogyny is an everyday occurrence and those with nothing positive to say have risen to the top like scum. Sadly, money is not only talking but shouting, loudly.

I hope, Mr Biden you can bring your country of immigrants to heel. I use the word ‘heel’ purposely, because the USA has long gone to the dogs. The junkyard dogs, and the dogs of war.

I hope Mr Biden that you have managed to awaken those that have been sleeping for far too long.

I hope Mr Biden that your victory drives the forces of darkness back under their stones where they belong. Not to be ignored this time, but to be watched carefully and the danger that they will always present, monitored carefully.

Unfortunately, if you win (and I believe it is still an ‘if’) you will have your work cut out. The task before you is enormous as is the damage already done. You will need some good people and some hard talking.

I firmly believe that the whole world has taken a hit because of the man Trump. I certainly believe that should you win he must be taken to task for his criminal behaviour. He must be made an example of if the USA is to regain its standing in the World and the healing is to be begun.

If you win, I think I would not be alone in declaring that it will be like waking from a nightmare and that from somebody who, as I said before, is thousands of miles away.

Good Luck and peace be with you.

Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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