Checking out electric bikes

checking out electric bikes
These days are over-thankfully

The moment we begin to discuss ‘toning down’ our (humans) effect on the planet a couple of things usually spring to mind. Plastics and Transport. So with the second category in mind, I have been checking out electric bikes and some of the best electric bike you can buy.

And as time has moved on since we were well-warned about the damage, we are doing to our my world/our world it has been increasing clearer hat a part we all have to play in cleaning our mess up.

For now, I want to talk about transport and the way we move from A to B. Thankfully, there are solutions that although not necessarily perfect, do go a long way to achieving what it is we want, a cleaner, greener planet.

From a personal point of view and as my contribution towards our joint goal, I’m trying to save up for a mode of transport that is simpler and cleaner. I’m talking of course, of Electric Power.

Unfortunately, I’m a long way off of purchasing my first electric car but I have a sneaking feeling that we won’t have to wait too long for prices to drop and be open to more of us.

My sights are set a little lower and I’m thinking in terms of checking out electric bikes. Which I figure, once purchased will enable me to leave the petrol-driven dinosaur in the garage and the electric motor will allow me to cover more miles than I would using straight pedal-power and still get good exercise.

(My other transport mode would be an electric scooter (more on this mode of transport soon). Which again would cancel out the shorter trips I might do in the car).

Anyway, I’ve been having a look around and have come up with these companies and their products…

The first I’ve selected is I have to admit more for my audience in The States. This is a company called…E-go Bike llc

with a vast selection of bikes (electric) to choose from. Click the Banner to go to their Website and make your choice.

Stylish and Lightweight Electric Bike, 30-Day At Home Trial, 2-Year Warranty.


For some of the best electric bikes UK side, I highly recommend


with a large selection including women’s electric bikes and electric mountain bikes, I think you will be spoilt for choice. They also make this fascinating offer should you become a customer…

‘We are together facilitating the transition to a sustainable future. For every purchase you make we plant a tree. Our ‘eBike for a Bike’ campaign in partnership with World Bicycle Relief donates a bike to a family in need on selected purchases’. 




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