In my opinion,  my work here is done

An Old Fart retreats

my world our worldOK the truth is out. And I admit it. I am an old fart. I’ve been trying to put it off for as long as I can, but the time has come. If there was a place I could go and officially register as an OF then I would join the long line gladly. I know in my heart that a terrible burden would be at last, lifted.

For a start I wouldn’t have to go on harking back to the glory of the 1960’s. Although true that the world went from black & white to colour. And music and fashion and…everything changed, at last I can shut my mouth. The truth has finally and absolutely dawned.

It was a one-off and it ain’t gonna happen again…

…at least for another one hundred years. There were moments of course, the advent of punk springs to mind. But it was a false alarm. That kind of nihilism eats itself. Bleakness of that nature fires people up but in the end only makes ache for better times…the sixties. So all we have had since the magic of the sixties are attempts to recreate whatever it was that permeated the atmosphere then. Attempts that were nice tries but doomed to fail. The fact of the matter is we need, we want, we yearn for (as Monty Python would say), something completely different.

And like the times of my youth (BC: OF) it has to be completely beyond our imagination. A complete and utter shock. Something (a person? – a movement) that turns the world upside down. Something that encompasses everything, the arts, everyday life, what we consume, how we live. Something, almost impossible.

It’s time for us Old Farts to retreat and retire.

Our work here is done. We have shown the world what is achievable, and we and our ‘new’ ideas are all used up.

There is, my fellow Old Farts, nothing to be ashamed of. We did a good job and for a few good years the world seemed on a roll. However, like all good ideas there is a shelf life to take into consideration. Good ideas become old ideas and old ideas eventually become, sad. They are only useful for the time they exist in. Time changes everything.

Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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