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Americans and Guns

myworld our worldSome things are meant to be. Time does not change them. They’re fixed in time impossible to move no matter what. And so, it is with Americans and Guns.

Of course I do not believe that there aren’t any Americans who are shocked at the thought of packing a piece, but gun carrying and unfortunately the shooting of the damn things, features heavily in the news that finds its way across the pond.

I’ve often wondered why the gun looms looms so large in the American Culture. Why such an (unhealthy?) obsession with something (a gun) that basically has one purpose and that is to kill (or at the very least instil fear of death)?

I am of the view that the American gun culture is fuelled by genetic memory.

I am of the opinion that rather a lot of Americans carry with them an inherited sense that everything they have built, everything that they own is about to be taken from them by an unknown, unseen enemy.

If we look at the history of the United States, we will find that many of those (refugees) who made it their home, did so on the run. They were nearly all, fleeing from a darkness. The country they were born in, had in essence rejected them. For religious reasons or otherwise they had to leave their place of birth in fear of their lives. Just imagine.

I believe that such traumatic stress and shock has the ability to stay with us and our descendants, forever. It becomes a genetic nightmare. It imbeds itself. It is a lesson learnt that the brain does not want you to forget. Muscle memory. It wants you ready. Poised, should the same happen again. The big difference is, this time you ain’t going nowhere.

What we are talking about here when we talk about Americans and guns, is a deep scar on the cell memory. A dark experience that time has pushed into that room in the back of our mind and told, ‘be quiet’. Unfortunately, that (safe) room leaks and as though on cue, (triggered by a ‘threat’) the uncertainty and sheer fear that existed and grew to unmanageable proportions all those years ago in the minds of your parents, your grandparents, dribbles out. It’s your inheritance.

Your grandparent’s fear has resurrected itself but finds itself in different circumstances. A new world.

my world our world

However, this is not then.

This is not the world your Grandparent’s remember but their experience of rejection, imprisonment, mistreatment in their time and place, remains and is passed down generation after generation…just in case.

The fear is there and inherited BUT this is the new world and you are ready. Above all, you will not allow it to happen again.  There are measures you can take to stop you and yours ever being mistreated again.

This time (unlike your ancestors), you are not helpless.

You can in this New World, protect yourself. You need not fear the knock on the door ever again because in this time, in this place, you have the power. You can arm yourself and stand up to those you imagine would wish you ill. You can carry a gun and protect your nearest and dearest. Easy. Times have changed. The hunted has become the hunter…and therein lies the problem.

Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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