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About Religion

For me to write about religion is difficult. Especially as I ‘trained’ as a Priest in the Church of England and was ordained in the early 90’S. Difficult because at the time of my Ordination I was already having doubts about the nature of my own faith and what the Church was asking me to do and say. To be honest the doubts actually started earlier than that. The nature of the ‘teaching’ I received in college caused me to re-assess almost immediately and decide the whole thing (religion) had in the hands of man been made massively complicated and over-intellectualised, in an effort to keep it ‘special’ and only for those ‘in the know’.

For this reason, I will try and keep my view about religion as simple as possible.

Religion for many is the last frontier. It is where they go when all other avenues have been exhausted. And that’s OK. It is perfectly natural for any man/woman to reach outside of themselves for help. For assistance with unsolvable problems. When desperation sets in. We have always done that. When we have found ourselves attempting to cope with something that is unfortunately inevitable, (death, disease) and other things impossible to ‘solve’ outright and have no control over, we turn in our desperation, to ‘magic’.

We will turn to ancient stories that portray people long-gone and in the same impossible situations and learn how they dealt with it. We will read of their incredible journeys of both body and mind that led them to the solution to their problem. We will watch in wonder as they invest in miracles and with one bound, they are free. And then they die anyway. But no matter, we will try anything.

I am not in any way attempting to mock people’s faith or sheer desperation and fear of the unknown. What I am saying is our problem is more likely the way we look at our demise, our finish but that is another article/post..

Even the story of Jesus Christ let’s us off the hook, softens the blow and the worry by showing us, that actually, all is OK because we come back to life anyway. So, no worries. (I just wish we knew that from Day One).

The Biblical story was, I think written to deal with our fear of death and THE TRIBE’S need to survive. Like any adventure story (e.g. Star Wars) it was written to perpetuate the myth that light can and will overcome darkness. A ploy to address the absolute need to persevere and therefore survive your wanderings in the desert.

I believe it (the Bible et al) was written initially to guide the Tribes of Israel on not only to understand but also to physically survive, their ‘casting out’. Written to keep them going, surviving through the trials and tribulations of the terrible situation they found themselves in. A book that over time has translated into the first ever survival guide for all desperate peoples.

The most important ‘rule’ that the Bible perpetuates is that ‘LIFE MUST GO ON’, that above all, THE TRIBE must continue to breed, to exist. The Bible was written initially for THE TRIBE and its healthy survival in a hostile environment. Simply put, a guide on how to stay healthy. For example; by eating the correct foods and the efficient disposal of (human) waste (DET 23.12/13) . It’s all there. A guide to health living.


How relationships MUST NOT swerve away from ‘the norm’ (Leviticus 18 and 20) as reproduction is what keeps THE TRIBE going. In short, without offspring, without health, you are asking for trouble. The Health of THE TRIBE is paramount otherwise, the Tribe will cease to exist and a whole race will disappear.

Let me try to pull together my ideas and what I have been trying to say (badly) about the nature of religion.

The Bible is the Key.

It is a book (collections of books) that although referring in many ways to a particular historic situation has become a reference to the journey of all peoples.

The Bible has power.

There are some  (the origins of the Church?)  that realised, that whoever claims to hold the knowledge and the so-called secrets of the Bible, holds within their grasp the ability to…er…guide…lead…bend people to their will, call it what you will. In other words the number of believers are a powerful army that some might want to take advantage of.

However, The Bible and its ‘knowledge’ can never be under the control of one organisation, no matter how powerful they may think they are. It is still very much the people’s book (s) and will be until (like some countries have) banned. You are still able to read it and make your own mind up.

It has, even from this ‘unbeliever’, a power that somehow, ‘magically’ (?) addresses all the important questions.


Agree or disagree I look forward to your comments

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