A return to the old skills

return to the old skillsI am of the opinion that in order for us to literally ‘save the world’ there is going to have to be some sort of a return to the old skills.

I say ‘some sort’ because I don’t think it will mean moving back in time when things were perhaps less complicated. What I mean is that there is going to have to be a combination of old and new skills.

For instance, I think that the art of working with wood will come to the fore. The carpenter of old will find new work combining his or hers skill with, shall we say, more technologically minded people. I suspect the bio-degradable and replenishable nature of wood will be more sought after, let alone the benefits to the human race of growing more trees, as we become aware that we can’t go using atmospherically damaging ways of producing items like steel etc, or go on digging up gold and other valuable minerals that allow our devices to work. The time has come to face the fact that change has got to come and the only ones to facilitate the much-need change that will hopefully, save us, is us. Our future is well and truly in our hands. We must repair the self-inflicted damage and make good. If not for us, then our children.

In the future I believe we will become encouraged to become more self-sufficient and the old tried and tested skills like woodworking will rise to the fore. Alongside a return to growing our own crops we will be producing our own furniture to put into our self-built housing.

If this is to happen then the revival has to start here and now.

The old skills that only a few still maintain and then usually as hobbies, must be revived and taken more seriously if we are to find ways to survive in this rapidly depleted world that’s facing global warming and inevitably, climate change. 

Thankfully there are still people around to teach these historic skills and help already interested people on their way.

For me, a resource that springs to mind instantly is the casually named ‘Ted’s Woodworking’. An amazing resource of over 16,000 woodworking plans, a list of some of them I show below… 

  • Arbor Projects, Adirondack Chairs. Artwork Display. Bathroom Unit. Box Designs. Billiard/Pool Table. Barn Plans. Bed Plans. Bedside Cabinets. Bee Hive Plans. Bench Projects. Bird Feeders. Birdhouse Plans. Boat Plans. Book Case Plans...And that’s just A to B…

I truly believe that now is the time to be seriously looking into reviving and learning some of the old skills. Skills, that will allow us to live through the change that is coming. Skills that will save and allow us to live in My world/Our world.

Take an interest…this is the future…


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