A Book Store for Women

A Book Store for Women

a book store for women, A Book Store for Women,

If one were to have a long hard look at the injustices that exist in this world, top of the list in the take-away-your-breath-away number one position, would have to be Women’s Rights.

It has to be beyond any sensible person’s imagination how women throughout history and in so many societies spread across the world, have been so discriminated against.

It still stuns me that in the UK women only got permission to vote in 1918 and then only if they followed certain property conditions. In the USA votes for women arrived in 1920. All Recent history.

To this day we are still talking about ‘smashing the glass ceiling’ so that women can achieve equality and positions of power in the boardroom.

The whole idea of ‘allowing’ equality for women is, for me beyond comprehension and I cannot believe that we (men), are still talking about it.

The whole idea that women should somehow wait for Justice is something that sticks in the throat and needs constant challenging. So much so, that in those medieval pockets of the world (they know who they are)  where the female is thought to be ‘lesser’ need to be ostracized and made to pay for their ridiculous views. This is a matter of showing them up for the foolish places they are and what they are missing out on.

We owe our sisters, big time.

A small and insignificant gesture I know, but here’s something I’ve found that might be of some use 

for those women (and men) who might want to equip themselves for the on-going battle

A book store for Women

including items on





and much more…

A digital Book Store especially for Women.

Dealing exclusively with issues that many Women are concerned about. 



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