Planet Earth is in dire need of our help

Planet Earth is in dire need of our help


 “” I think it’s pretty obvious these days that our Planet Earth is in dire need of our help and we need to try harder at looking after my world – our world.

You don’t have to be ‘woke’ or a tree-hugger- or even a hippy to know that if we don’t do something fast, we will be leaving our children a mess that is going to cost lives to clean up. 

What I’m talking about here is pollution. Pollution not just from our methods of travel but pollution from the basic way we live and what we make. In other words, the careless way we have been living for a few hundred years. If you are not aware of any of this I have to ask where have you been for the past few years?

Look, I am not here to preach.

I’m merely passing on relevant, important and URGENT information.

                                                  I’m saying that we have to do something about the situation we find ourselves in.

                                              So…Might I suggest a start?

                                                May I suggest that we try to change our habits?

May I suggest that a good start is by going to somewhere like ‘The Ultimate Green Store’ who say the following…

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So just to repeat,

planet earth is in dire need of our help

so, let’s begin the task of saving the planet for our Kids.


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